Pet Disaster Kit

Be Prepared
It's always best to be prepared before a disaster strikes. Make a pet disaster kit and store it in a closet so that you'll have it ready if you need it.

Pet Disaster Kit
Items to be packed up and stored away in bag. Suggestions of what to include are:
  • Copies of current medical records including vaccinations
  • Extra leash and collar
  • Identification tags for all collars or harnesses
  • Current photographs and written descriptions of your pets
  • Extra bowls
  • Small bag of cat litter and small cat litter box
  • Can opener
  • Phone number of veterinarian
  • Extra Towels
Necessary Items
Items on checklist that must be brought if disaster occurs:
  • 2-week supply of any medications needed should always be kept in the house
  • Carrier
  • 2-week supply of food should always be kept in the house
  • Pet beds
  • Pet toys
  • 3-day supply of water