Assessor's Office


-The last day to file an application for ABATEMENT on your Real Estate assessment is February 1st, 2023. 

-The last day to file an application for EXEMPTION on your Real Estate taxes is April 1st, 2023 

Questions? Email,, or call 508-881-0100 extension 2012

Assessors Office

Town offices are now open to the public. Please contact us by email, or call 508-881-0100 extension 2012, to reach a staff member. If you need to submit an application to the department, please contact us, and we can work with you and determine the best way to submit your paperwork. 


This department and its personnel maintain a long-standing commitment to the community and strive to provide exceptional service to the residents of Ashland in many ways. The Assessing Department is continually keeping up with the changes in the assessing profession through the constant improvement of computer technology and current applications of Mass. General Laws in order to provide efficient and accurate service to the residents of Ashland.

The Assessing Department is truly an important part of the municipal operations of the Town’s finances, housing data, and growth. Mostly known for valuing properties and issuing real estate tax bills, the Assessing Department also processes Motor Vehicle Excise bills that originate from the Registry of Deeds, qualifies candidates that are eligible for property tax Exemptions, and much more, including updating and issuing Passports to residents. 

In addition to managing property data, the Assessing Department also possesses limited plot plan maps and other documents that residents are often in need of. Along with keeping abreast of trending and market conditions, the department stays current with the use of outside references and resources such as the Registry of Deeds, The Warren Group, and MLS sales information. Using these resources effectively helps to manage the housing data and plan for future fiscal growth of the Town.  

Director of Assessing Richard E. Ball, MAA, uses his mass appraisal knowledge effectively to manage the department and keep it operating efficiently on a daily basis. He works extremely hard at keeping current with the state’s assessing policies and procedures in order to provide the residents of Ashland the most fair and equitable assessments as possible. Working equally hard to service the needs of Ashland residents are staff members June Smiarowski, Senior Clerk; and Terry Capen, Senior Clerk. 

The Assessing Department falls under the jurisdiction of the Ashland Board of Assessors, a three member elected board. These elected officials have the authority to make decisions on all applications relative to the over-value of property, tax exemptions, and the like. The Board is educated and professional and treats property owners with fairness and honesty in dealing with assessment issues. Ashland is fortunate to have one of the most honest and hard-working assessing boards around, which is reflected in low numbers of appeals each year. That translates to money saved by the Town!