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Construction Projects update for the following projects

Pond Street / Route 126 Revitalization Project

Downtown Revitalization / Utility Undergrounding

Public Safety Building

Weekly Roadway Construction Update

Today’s Date:  6/10/21


  1. Pond Street / Route 126
    • Contractor 1:  Northern Construction (MassDOT)
    • Contractor 2:  Mirra Construction (Eversource Gas)
  2. Downtown Revitalization / Utility Undergrounding
    • Contractor:  Gioioso and Sons

Schedule – Pond Street / Route126

            Northern Construction will continue the utility work between Eliot Street and the Holliston Town Line throughout the remainder of this week until the end of next week.  I assume they will be in this particular area (the future Roundabout) for at least the next several weeks.  

            Mirra Construction will continue working on the side streets near the Framingham end of Route 126 for the next week or so.   Eventually, Mirra will need to address the existing gas services on Pond Street between Market Basket and Butterfield Drive.  The will also need to do about 2 weeks of night work in and around the Eliot / Pond Street intersection.  When? – TBA.

Schedule – Downtown 

            Today and tomorrow (6/10 and 6/11) – Gioioso will be on Front Street installing the Verizon Vaults.  This work will continue into next week on Front Street.  

Pond Street / Route 126

Update:  June 2, 2021

The State Contractor (Northern Construction Service LLC.) will continue to do roadwork mainly between the Holliston town line and Eliot Street over the next two weeks.  They will be installing the drainage system starting at Spyglass Hill and heading south towards the Holliston town line.  Due to the amount of ledge in and around Route 126, the Contractor will be using a "Hoe Ram" in order to break up the rock for the new storm drainage.

The Eversource Gas Company's contractor (MIrra Construction) continues to use two construction crews on Route 126.

Crew 1:  Gas Service Work - Greenhaldge, Waushakum, Washington and Butterfield over the next two weeks.  

Crew 2:  Gas Main Work - Eliot Street at Pond Street.  Sherborn side of Pond Street.   

Night Work:   The start date target for the night work is on 6/21.  As soon as the date gets firmed up, we will pass it along to you.

Unfortunately, it is impossible not to impact the traffic during such a complicated road project.  The traffic impacts on Route 126, especially at the bottom of Spyglass Hill and over at Eliot Street has been pretty messy to say the least.  We are doing the best we can to ensure the Contractor has plenty of Traffic Police and Flaggers.  It can be a struggle with all of the construction work in and around the area.  It's everywhere.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates as often as we can. 

If you would like to speak with someone from the State to inquire if your property will be affected please email:

Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project

Update: June 3, 2021

P. Gioioso and Sons, Inc. continues to lower the water services on Front and Main Streets in order to fit the future Utility Duct Bank and will begin manhole installation for Verizon and Eversource in the coming week.  

Crews will be finishing water service work on Main Street by June 8th.  Residents and businesses may experience a temporary loss of water service. Crews anticipate water will not be shut off for more than 30 minutes. P. Gioioso & Sons will notify you before your service interruption, so be prepared for a knock on your door.  

Crews will then move to work on manhole installations for Verizon and Eversource on Wednesday, June 9th-18th on Front Street.  Once completed that same work will move to Myrtle Street through June 25th.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Frank Gioioso 617- 403-1978. 

Public Safety Building
Update: May 27th

  • Site work continues
  • Wednesday, May 25 was the last day of ledge blasting at the Public Safety Building site. Work on removing ledge started the week of May 3 and was expected to take approximately 4 weeks, including site prep, drilling and blasting. There were 13 days of actual blasting.

    Over the next several weeks, work will shift to prepping the site for building footings and the start of concrete pouring. Drilling for the geothermal well system will also begin over the next several weeks. 


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Route 126/ Pond Street Updates
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Downtown Construction Updates
This project is about to begin. The Town of Ashland is working closely strives to provide the most up-to-date information in regards to construction. The team meets weekly and is working hard to keep the project on track and you informed. Sign up here

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Project work at Cherry Street
Project work at Cherry Street