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Construction Project Updates

Construction in Ashland is certainly underway. Crews continue to work on the Route 126/ Pond Street Revitalization Project and on the Downtown Revitalization Project. As traffic is significantly impacted around town, please give yourself extra time to get where you are going, and be patient. Crews are doing the best they can to get you through quickly and safely. Remember, all businesses are open during construction.

September 17th Update

126/Pond Street Update


Eversource/Mirra construction will wrap up their work by the end of next week (9/24). They will be working on cleaning up the area. Traffic should not be impacted through this work.  

Northern Construction:

Northern crews will be working between Nickerson and in the area of McDonald's. They will be working at Algonquin this coming week as well. 


Main Street and Front Street will be completed this week. Paving and clean-up will happen Friday 9/17.

Crews will be working on Main Street at the start of next week. Sections of Main Street will be closed Monday and traffic will be detoured to Pleasant Street.  Crews will then work on Front Street towards Concord for the remainder of the week. Sections of Front Street will be closed and traffic will be detoured to Concord Street to Raymond Marchetti. 

Crews are expected to be working on Main Street towards Homer Avenue the following week.  

September 9th Update

Pond Street / Route 126 Update

Eversource will be working for another 2 1/2 -3 weeks and will complete the gas work from 152 Pond St. to Algonquin in that time.

Northern Construction will be finishing at the intersection of Eliot Street by mid week next week.

And there will be a saw cutter working from Tuesday through the rest of the week between Nickerson and Algonquin.  

Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project Update

Next week - the Contractor (P.Gioioso & Sons) will have two crews on site. The following is the plan for each crew:

Crew One - Install duct bank in Main Street from Pleasant Street to the Railroad Tracks. Traffic entering downtown from Myrtle Street (southbound) or from Pleasant Street will be detoured via Pleasant to Tilton to Cherry Streets. Northbound traffic will not be detoured.

Crew Two - install utility hand holes along Front Street.   

On Thursday (9/16), southbound traffic from Myrtle Street will be detoured up Raymond Marchetti.  

September 3rd Update

Pond Street, Route 126 Construction

Eversource crews will continue work for an additional 2 weeks. Northern Construction will be working on the drainage improvements up until the 13th. This work near the Eliot Street intersection should be completed in the next two weeks. Crews will start drainage work from Algonquin to Nickerson Road on Pond Street after that. Please note that crews will be working to improve the temporary plates and paving to make for a smoother ride.  

Downtown Construction

The week of 9/6 crews will be working on Main Street from Pleasant Street towards the train tracks. There will be isolated work on Front Street as well for the next two weeks. They do not plan to have traffic impacted by this work. 

Crews will be working in front of the Fire Department Tuesday and installing conduit Tuesday which will impact traffic to one lane only on Main Street. Please use caution and give yourself extra time to get through a small portion of Main Street. 

The week of 9/13 crews will be placing manholes on Main Street past the train tracks towards Homer Ave. Stay tuned for more information regarding the timing of this work


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Route 126/ Pond Street Updates
The Route 126/Pond Street revitalization project has now begun. The Town of Ashland is working closely with the State to bring you the most up-to-date information in regards to construction. The team meets weekly and is working hard to keep the project on track and you informed. Sign up here

Downtown Construction Updates
This project is about to begin. The Town of Ashland is working closely strives to provide the most up-to-date information in regards to construction. The team meets weekly and is working hard to keep the project on track and you informed. Sign up here

We will continue to share project updates here, on the Town of Ashland website, in our newsletters (mentioned above), and through our social media channels- Facebook and Instagram @TownofAshlandMA, Twitter @ashlandmass.

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