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Mindess Elementary School Construction

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Route 126/ Pond Street Revitalization Project & Downtown Revitalization Project 

Crews continue to work on the Route 126/ Pond Street Revitalization Project and on the Downtown Revitalization Project. As traffic is significantly impacted around town, please give yourself extra time to get where you are going, and be patient. Crews are doing the best they can to get you through quickly and safely. Remember, all businesses are open during construction. 

Despite the snow we are receiving this week, it has been a milder winter than anticipated. Construction crews in Ashland have decided to continue working through the winter months as the weather permits.

Thank you for your patience during these projects. This continued work during months we thought would be quiet just helps us get closer to the finish line sooner. 

Eversource Project on Cherry Street

Eversource Work on Cherry Street - Tuesday, January 31st 2023

Eversource will complete pole replacements for the Ashland Center undergrounding project. The final pole will be replaced Thursday on Cherry St., near the intersection of Pleasant St. In order to properly set up a portion of Cherry Street will be closed from 9am-2pm Tuesday, January 31st.

Last Update: February 2, 2023

Rt. 126/ Pond Street Construction

Northern Construction have now started work on the retaining wall at Spyglass Hill. This work includes excavation and then blocks to be installed. Crews will then move to the retaining wall at the Eliot Street intersection. Northern will be working through the winter months depending on the weather.  

Last Update: February 2, 2023

Downtown Construction

Crews are completing work at the railroad tracks on Main Street. This work consisted of creating the path for conduit to run underneath the railroad tracks in order to complete the undergrounding of utilities. One lane of traffic will be able to move through this section while crews are working. Detours will be in place as needed during the day, but traffic will be open in both directions after crews have finished working each day. Crews will backfill and temporarily pave the area which should be completed by February 17th.   __________________________________________________________

In the news

We appreciate New England Construction Journal visiting Ashland and highlighting the important construction projects happening in our community. The Route 126 Revitalization and the Downtown Revitalization projects are essential developments to continue Ashland's vitality. While both projects still have a couple of years to go before completion, the drastic amount of work to our infrastructure and cosmetic aesthetics will attract new community members and business owners and increase our economic development potential. Thank you to Doug Small, our DPW Director and his team for helping keep these projects on track. And thank you to the residents and businesses once again for your support and patience with these projects.

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Alternative Routes to Rt. 126/ Pond Street

We understand traveling along Rt. 126 is not always feasible. Here is a map, to illustrate two roads, Cedar Street, and Western Avenue, which run parallel to Rt. 126. These roads can help you reach a destination outside of town. We hope this helps!

126 Map

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Route 126/ Pond Street Updates
The Route 126/Pond Street revitalization project has begun. The Town of Ashland is working closely with the State to bring you the most up-to-date information in regards to construction. The team meets weekly and is working hard to keep the project on track and you informed. Sign up here

Downtown Construction Updates
This project has begun. The Town of Ashland is working closely strives to provide the most up-to-date information in regards to construction. The team meets weekly and is working hard to keep the project on track and you informed. Sign up here

We will continue to share project updates here, on the Town of Ashland website, in our newsletters (mentioned above), and through our social media channels- Facebook and Instagram @TownofAshlandMA, Twitter @ashlandmass.