Information Technology (IT)

Ashland's Municipal Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to providing and supporting reliable technologies and technology-based services in a timely, high-quality, cost-effective manner to all clients of its municipal government.

Guiding Principles
In the process of contributing to an efficient and productive municipal government, the department has established the following guiding principles in order to provide focus for the delivery of its mission:
  • Align IT with organization goals
    Information Technology has become a vital component in every department's service delivery methods. As strategic plans are developed for each facet of Municipal government, Information Technology will play a key role in ensuring the advancement of the overall organizational goals. The adoption of new technology will be driven by this organizational need and the necessity to provide public service that is dramatically more effective.
  • Capitalize on existing solutions to enhance productivity
    Many solutions exist today for Municipal government applications that were not available just a short time ago. Additional statewide programs are becoming available that will drastically change the operations of various departments. Information Technology will work to determine the known best practices to improve the effectiveness of each department's technical solutions.
  • Deliver appropriate technology
    Municipal government needs to exploit new technologies to improve service without incurring research-and-development costs. Budget limitations demand that the implementation of new technologies be done using best practices methods. Aligning IT with organizational goals will ensure that projects are performed to promote service and not for technical acclaim.
  • Increase useful service levels
    Information Technology's role in Municipal government is to serve as internal consultants providing high-quality responsive service. The very nature of technology being a core component of each department's mission demands superior service and reliability. Attention will be given to the effective use of customer service methodologies to promote the effective use of technology.
  • Realize effective return on technology investments
    Constant attention must be given to technology trends and cycles to get the most value for the investment placed in technology. Increased use and complexity of technology has not always resulted in an increase in funding. Continual budget planning will guarantee that the investment is worthwhile while keeping the technology current and effective.
  • Refine raw materials into a superior service organization
    The product of an effective service organization is the infrastructure of personnel and equipment that supports the operation. Increased funding for personnel and equipment has provided the foundation. Emphasis on service delivery and an increased value on staff, clients, and vendors will provide the opportunity to maintain and promote the IT workforce as a superior service organization.
  • Simplify technical working environment
    The industry-wide technical environment is growing in breadth and complexity every day. Serving a diverse organization with multiple objectives can easily lead to the creation of separate islands of information and technology. Standardization of the technical environment is essential in providing appropriate solutions and support. Again, aligning IT with the overall goals of the organization will provide a focus on installed technology and support.