Strategic Priorities, Goals & Objectives

Strategic Priorities, Goals & Objectives for FY 2013-2016
  • Goal #1 – The Town of Ashland will operate as a best practice and customer-focused and engaging government. We will be a Benchmark Community others look to by employing progressive policies and embracing new technologies whenever doing so will increase the value and efficiency of public service delivery.
  • Goal #2 – The Town of Ashland will support sound and transparent fiscal policies that provide a maximum return on taxpayer investment while leveraging alternative forms of revenue whenever possible.
  • Goal #3 – The Town of Ashland will, through thoughtful planning and execution, provide services that proactively enhance and ensure the health, safety and welfare of those who live in, work in, and visit our town.
  • Goal #4 – Collaborating with public and private organizations, the town will support and maintain thriving neighborhoods and spaces consistent with the town’s comprehensive master plan as the roadmap to guide what we do.
  • Goal #5 – The Town of Ashland will initiate and support economic development efforts that will leverage the town’s unique characteristics and create, attract, and retain both jobs and businesses that ensure a diverse local economy.
  • Goal #6 - The town will provide support for high-quality education opportunities that support and enhance the well-being and success of our students and our community.
  • Goal #7 – The town will embrace, foster and pursue sustainable development practices and initiatives while ensuring environmental stewardship in our unique setting.
  • Goal #8 – Develop and maintain our physical infrastructure in a way that actively supports the town’s priorities.