Supported Programs & Services

Ashland's Special Programs & Social Services
This is where your generous donations help in Ashland's Community:
  • Ashland Emergency Fund
    Provides temporary financial support to Ashland families in need of heat, medical, electric, oil/gas, rent or food. This fund has an association of individuals that respond rapidly to emergency situations. It creates a heightened sense of responsibility within our community of our duty to support our neighbors in need.
  • Ashland Youth and Family Services
    Provides advocacy and social service programs to youth and their families in Ashland. Works closely with the police department supporting a youth court diversion program, and works towards the treatment, prevention and resolution of welfare or social growth problems.
  • Community Enrichment Library Programs
    Provides constructive activities for teens, supporting sports programs, sponsoring community concerts and movie nights for Town residents.
  • Community Outreach
    Supports our many senior citizens, especially those that are shut-in due to loss of transportation.
  • Fire/Police
    Public Safety Departments support events and services such as "Rachel’s Challenge", an anti-bullying program, to the middle and high school students and setup fire-fighting camps for high school girls that may have an interest in becoming fire fighters. They also plan to sponsor the Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Program.

    Exploring gives high school students, both male and female, aged 14 to 20, the opportunity to gain insight into a fire and emergency services career and develop a road map for their futures Students interact with Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics in order to gain experience in a work environment. 'Explorer Post Advisors' give students career opportunities, life skills, leadership experience, service learning, and character education.
  • Food Pantry
    Provides food and personal care products to residents of Ashland who are in need.