Wetland Permits

Ashland Wetland Permits ​

The Ashland Wetlands Protection Bylaw does not have a municipal permit. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Protection WPA Forms are compliant for filing a permit to the Ashland Conservation Commission for the Bylaw and the State Act.

There are different types of wetlands protection permits to fit an individual's needs. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you contact the Conservation Agent to determine the best filing for your needs. In the meantime, please see information below for a basic description for each permit application.  There is also information on the Filing Process, Filing Checklist, Fees, and Calendar to the left, which have supporting documents to further assist an applicant through the process. 

Please note that there is a local Stormwater Management Bylaw in Town as well. Any work that triggers the applicability section of this Bylaw, requires a Stormwater Management Permit filing with the Conservation Commission. 

Are you interested in commercial development in Town?  If so, please refer to the Town of Ashland's Community Development Guide, in addition to wetland permits below.  

Wetland System Spring

Request for Determination of Applicability

A Request for Determination of Applicability is a basic permit application to ask the Conservation Commission if the work or the resource areas need permitting.  

Notice of Intent

A Notice of Intent filing is required for any work that will dredge, fill, alter or remove anything within 100 feet to a wetland or bank to a pond or stream, (called the 100 foot Buffer Zone), 200 feet to a stream, a flood plain (Zone A or AE) or other resource areas pursuant to the Wetlands Protection Act and the local Wetlands Protection Bylaw. 

Abbreviated Notice of Intent

An Abbreviated Notice of Intent is similar to a Notice of Intent but certain site and project constraints must be present to submit this filing to the Conservation Commission:
  • The site is within the Buffer Zone, or within Land Subject to Flooding (310 CMR 10.57 (2)), or within the 200 foot Riverfront Area (310 CMR 10.58 (2)) and;
  • the proposed work will disturb less than 1,000 square feet of surface area within the Buffer Zone and/or Land Subject to Flooding or less than 1,000 square feet of Riverfront Area, provided an alternative analysis is submitted (as required and in compliance with 310 CMR 10.58 (4)(c)2.a.) and;
  • neither the Department of Army Corps of Engineers permit nor a Chapter 91 Waterway License is required. 

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation  

An Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation is a permit filing to have the Conservation Commission make a determination on a delineation to a resource area. 

Notice of Intent for an Ecological Restoration Project

A Notice of Intent for an Ecological Restoration Project is required when a proposed project meets eligibility criteria including dam removal, freshwater stream crossing repair and replacement, stream daylighting, rare species habitat restoration, and fish passageway restoration.