Smart. Safe. Sustainable.

Be a part of planning Ashland's Future. 


The first stage of the Strategic Plan is complete. A decade's worth of public input from previous planning initiatives has been gathered, analyzed, and compiled into the a draft statement of the Town's Values, Vison, and Goals. We are ready to begin the next step, which is to gather community input on the draft to make sure it still reflects desired direction for the Town of Ashland. As part of gathering that feedback, we are meeting with a number of civic groups and committees, but we also welcome your feedback through our website. CLICK HERE to review the statements and let us know what you think.


Smart – We are a progressive, thoughtful and engaged citizenry that will make informed decisions taking into account both short and long-term impacts.

Safe – We have genuine concern for and actively foster the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all members of our community.

Sustainable – We act responsibly to preserve and expand our assets, including our financial and natural resources.

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Ashland is a town known for its quality of life. The town is characterized by residents and visitors as welcoming, inclusive, caring, and authentic which is evidenced by its diverse population, community organizations, multicultural programs, and volunteerism. The Town’s school system is recognized as a leader in the state, producing not only well-educated but well-rounded students. Children have ample space to play, explore and be creative and parents feel safe letting them do so. Its businesses are rooted in a history of innovation and are focused in but not exclusive to designated commercial corridors. Its unique system of trails and pathways serve as healthy transportation options and connect places and spaces that foster a sense of belonging. Its genuine physical and aesthetic beauty is witnessed through several prominent and beautiful vistas that reflect its heritage.


Community Organizations and Cultural Resources
We recognize and value the characteristics of the town that stem from the many community organizations sharing perspectives, forming partnerships, and building cross-cultural relationships among our diverse population.

Community Wellbeing
Ashland is a community where all citizens are secure and where a holistic view of safety, health and wellness are integrated into everyday activities.

Development and Community Character
Ashland has active, welcoming, integrated and sustainable developments and neighborhoods that reflect the community’s values and vision.

Downtown Ashland is a space where all parts of the community can congregate for business, social, and recreational activities.

Economic Development
Ashland is a community that values its strategic location and continues to cultivate relationships and community partnerships with existing and prospective businesses to create a stable economic base.

Ashland is a community that prioritizes education through its well-respected school system and promotes educational opportunities through all stages of life.

Environment and Natural Resources
Ashland embraces its heritage and natural beauty and prioritizes preserving, protecting, and properly utilizing its environmental and natural resources. It strikes a unique balance of creating recreational amenities that are both welcoming to visitors as well as serene parts of their surrounding neighborhoods.

Ashland is a welcoming, inclusive town that has a multitude of housing options and that allows individuals and families a place to live comfortably.

Ashland has multiple transportation options that facilitate convenient, safe, healthy transition to points in town and beyond.