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Oct 2021 Art 1
Oct 2021 Art 2

“Ease Your Eyes”

Digital Art by Tom Doran

October 1 – 30, 2021

Tom Doran, Wellesley digital artist and photographer, started his art career with music. First, rock, in the soul, funk, and r&b area, then on to jazz. The jazz aesthetic provided the basis for his art: study and be well prepared so that when it's time to improvise- make the leap! 20 years ago he began improvising with collage and paint. Now his art is in the digital domain but he uses the same techniques, now called “pixel collages”: Use original images, find things to work together, keep it fresh, improvise.

Tom says of his creations:

“I am a digital artist interested in studying and exploring photographic images of natural textures and objects, manipulating their visual information, layering them and creating new perceptual experiences. I mostly take my own photos and use several digital image manipulation programs and applications to achieve a result that matches my vision. The digital process allows me to freely explore creative options and choices, take risks, and expand the range of possible imagery. I especially enjoy observing the results of blending layers of images and watching what it can become. An underlying image is able to achieve an unpredictable complexity of color and texture by adding visual information from a second layer. I try to utilize randomness to transcend the limits of logic and create image layering combinations that are unexpected and visually exciting.”

To find out more about Tom’s work and sales information: or 617-529-6152