The staff and Trustees of the Ashland Public Library encourage persons of all ages to use its facility, materials and services. To ensure a safe, comfortable environment for library patrons and staff, policies and procedures have been established.


1. Disruptive behavior is prohibited. Disruptive behavior is defined as destructive or continuing activity by any individual or group of individuals which infringes on other patrons' rights to access and use the Library for reading, study, browsing, etc…, or interferes with staff members’ performance of their duties. Anyone engaging in such behavior may be given warnings, directed to other parts of the building, etc. and may, if it is so determined by a staff member, be required to leave the building for the day or be banned from the premises.

2. The following are prohibited in the Library:


Eating/Drinking (except in designated areas)



Engaging in unwanted physical contact

Cellular phone use and loud talking in the reference area.

Abusive language

Disruptive conduct


Using electronic equipment audible to others

Destruction/defacement of property

Commercial solicitation and distribution

of materials

Harassment or intimidation by threatening language or behavior toward other Library users or Staff members

Interfering with other Library patrons’ use of the library

Intruding on another’s privacy

Interfering with staff members’ performance of their duties

3. Food and drink must be consumed in designated areas. All patrons are otherwise expected to be considerate of others using the Library by not consuming smelly, messy, or noisy food in spaces where it will interfere with others' use or enjoyment of the Library; by cleaning up any trash, crumbs, and small spills when finished; by being respectful of Library collections, equipment, and furnishings; by taking care with food and drink around books and other library materials, equipment, carpets, and furniture; by making sure hands and surfaces are clean when handling Library materials; by using covered, spill-proof containers

4. Shoes and shirts must be worn in the library

5. The materials and equipment in the Library are for the use of staff and patrons. These items as well as furniture, toys, etc. must be used for their intended purposes. Any purposeful damage done to the materials, equipment, furniture, building or property is against the law and may be reported to the police.

6. Building entrances and exits may not be blocked. Carriages and strollers may be left near an entrance provided that the entrance is not obstructed. Carriages should usually be parked outside of the Children's Room.

7. Bicycles should be placed in the bike rack near the main entrance to the Library. They are not allowed along the front walk or railing or inside the building and they may not block entrances.

8. Animals are not permitted in the Library except for guide or service animals.

9. Roller skates and roller blades are not allowed in the Library.

10. Any sports equipment brought into the Library must be left at the Main or Children's desk. Examples: skateboards, basketballs, scooters, etc.

11. Staff members are not responsible for Library patron's personal belongings.

12. A commitment to public service requires that staff members provide prompt, courteous service to all Library patrons and that they maintain an environment conducive to study and reading.

13. Library patrons will always be treated in a helpful, polite manner. Staff members should not be adversarial or argumentative when dealing with patrons.

14. Creating such an environment requires the cooperation of all staff members and Library patrons. Consideration of the rights of others to work safely and undisturbed is critical.


1. The policies and procedures for behavior will be posted on all floors of the Library.

2. Staff members should be sure that their own conversations do not disturb Library patrons.

3. Staff members may restrict and/or limit Library patron’s privileges, including limitations to: (a) specific areas in the library, (b) specific computers and library equipment, (c) shorter times in study rooms than otherwise permitted, (d) borrowing limitations, (e) banishment from the library as provided below; (f) issuance of a formal no trespassing order.

4. Except where staff and patron safety may be compromised, Staff members will explain applicable policies and the rationale behind them as well as offer suggestions for appropriate behavior. Patrons will also be reminded that their behavior is bothering other people and/or is not safe.

5. Staff members first will give a verbal warning to Library patrons who are not behaving appropriately, who are violating this policy or who are disruptive.

6. Staff members may ask Library patrons to leave the building if the inappropriate behavior continues after a warning and explanation. Permission to return to the Library shall be granted only after the Library patron has met with the Library Director and has agreed to abide by the conditions established by the Library Director.

7. For multiple violations, the Library Director may issue a formal notice of trespass to Library patrons in accordance with M.G.L. c. 266, s. 120, a copy of which will be provided to the Ashland Police Department. Violations thereof may result in criminal charges.

8. If the offending patron refuses to follow the requests of staff members or the staff feels there is the potential for danger to other patrons or staff, and/or the offending patron is in violation of a no trespass order, the police will be called.

Approved Board of Library Trustees 1/16/18