How to Post a Meeting


Since we have a new website we want to assist you in posting a meeting.

Please be reminded that we have limited meeting rooms and we do our best to accommodate your choice.

You are required by law to post your meeting at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date.You are required by law to post your meeting at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date. Please note the same rules as before apply to posting meetings. You have from 8 am until 3:00 pm to post Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; you have from 8am until 6:30 pm to post on Wednesday’s; the office is closed on Friday but we are here and you have until 12 pm to post. Saturday, Sunday and all legal holiday’s we are closed so it is always wise to post ahead of time.

The Select Board and the School Committee meet in the Select Boards meeting room on alternate Wednesday’s. The Zoning Board of Appeals meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the Select Boards meeting room, the Planning Board meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday in the Selectmen’s meeting room.

a. No meetings are held on Town Meeting night (except prior to Town Meeting) and yes please post the meeting.

b. No meetings are held on Election Day. (It is unfair to the election workers and the candidates who are part of the electoral process as they cannot attend the meetings).

We have a new way to post a meeting. It is through Civic Plus.

Click here for instructions.

Then follow these directions below:

Please create an account first so that you may receive permissions to post meetings (this is for the department head or the chairman of the committee or his/her designee).

Please list your topics for discussion so that the public is aware of what you may be discussing. We do not need an 8 page agenda (have you seen the bulletin board we need to post on?) however the Select Board post a nice agenda that is clear.

Kindly remember you are subject to the Open Meeting Law and we know that you will do your very best to ensure transparency with decorum.

Kindly submit meeting minutes (even in a draft form) as soon as you can. Remember to submit the backup documentation that is being discussed (for transparency).

Please submit your meeting minutes to and we will post them on the website for you. Please be clear as to which date they are for and who the recording secretary is (as everyone asks).

 Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.