Annual Census

Annual Town Census 2023

The Annual Town census for Ashland will be mailed in January 2023. Census Forms should be returned within 10 days. Massachusetts General Law requires an annual street listing of residents as of January 1st each year (M.G.L. Ch. 51, Section 4).

Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veteran's bonus, school enrollment projections, housing for the elderly and related benefits as well as providing information for selection of jurors. This form DOES NOT register you as a voter. If you are a registered voter, failure to respond to this annual census for two consecutive years shall result in the voter's name being removed from the voter's list.

Please mail your form to the Town Clerk's Office using the envelope provided, place in the drop box located outside of Town Hall or hand deliver your census form to the Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall. If you have a dog, you may also renew or license your dog(s) by clicking here.  

If you did not receive a form, you can download the form below, fill it out, sign, and return to the Town Clerk's Office either by hand or by mail to:

Town Clerk's Office
Town of Ashland
101 Main Street
Ashland, MA 01721

2023 Annual Town Census Instructions

  1. Verify and/or complete all information listed on the form.
  2. Name: List ALL Residents in dwelling unit, including infants, pre-school children, college students, and those in military service or confined to a rest home whose legal residence is the same. Make all changes in the shaded space below the printed line. Indicate correct Head of Household by placing an asterisk in the column marked Mail To. (This is for mailing purposes only.)
  3. Enter the name and information for all new Residents on any available blank line.
  4. Cross out any Resident no longer residing at this address and indicate new address, if known to you.
  5. Occupation: Enter Occupation, NOT place of employment. Example: Doctor, Housewife, Student, Secretary, Military, Retired, etc.
  6. Moved/Deceased:  Please enter M for moved if you have moved and indicate your new address above.  Enter D for deceased if someone in your household has passed away. This area is NOT to indicate if you are married or divorced.
  7. Nationality: Enter only if NOT a U. S. Citizen.
  8. U.S. Veteran: Enter "Y" in the column if you are a U.S. Veteran 
  9. Please sign form and return to Town Clerk.