Transportation Information

COVID-19 vaccine appointments

MassHealth is expanding access to transportation to vaccine appointments for members who are other-wise not eligible to receive non-emergency transportation services, including people with MassHealth Limited, Family Assistance, the Children’s Medical Security plan, or the Health Safety Net.

For COVID-19 vaccine appointments, members with a confirmed vaccine appointment can request transportation services through their health care provider, their health plan, or directly through MassHealth Customer Service by calling 800-841-2900 (TTY: 800-497-4648).

Members will not need prior approval from a health care provider to make this re-quest with Customer Ser-vice.

A MassHealth health plan (Accountable Care or Man-aged Care Organizations), Certified Application Counselor, or a family member or caregiver can also make a request on a member’s be-half once they have a con-firmed vaccine appointment.

Members enrolled in a Senior Care Options (SCO), One Care, or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program should continue to request transportation assistance directly from their health plan or PACE program.

1. Senior Center Van Rides: (Ashland and bordering towns only)

Days and Hours of Operation are:

  • Monday: 8:00am - 2:00pm. Last scheduled ride is at 1:30pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00am to 2:00pm. Last scheduled ride is at 1:30pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00am to 12:00pm. Last scheduled ride is at 11:30am

*Our van driver does NOT accompany anyone into any appointments. If help is needed, it is the responsibility of the rider to obtain an escort to ride with them.

Scheduling a ride:

  • Call 508- 881-0140 x7600 during Senior Center hours Monday - Friday
  • You need to schedule a ride 48 hours in advance of appointment.
  • Have ready the name, address, and telephone number of your destination. We will ask you for this information before we can schedule you a ride.
  • There is no cost, all rides are free
  • Ashland Residents only
  • Destinations: Ashland and Bordering Towns ONLY
  • Rides are for Senior Center programs and Medical appointments only.
  • The Senior Center van driver DOES NOT and CAN NOT accompany a rider into or out of their appointment or home. If help is needed, it is the responsibility of the rider to obtain an escort to ride with them.


MWRTA is requiring that all passengers of both Fixed Route and Demand Response services wear a face covering over their mouth and nose while on-board an MWRTA vehicle. Passengers without a face covering will not be permitted on the bus. This action is in concert with state and federal regulations. The MWRTA's concern is not only for the safety of drivers, but also for all customers as we move through these turbulent times.
A proper and compliant face covering must completely cover the nose and mouth, fit snugly, be secured to the head with ties or ear loops, and should be a solid piece of material without slits, exhalation valves or punctured.
The following are NOT acceptable as face coverings under CDC guidelines: scarves, ski masks, balaclavas, neck gaiters, bandanas, shirt/sweater collars pulled over the mouth and nose, masks made from loosely woven fabric or that are knitted, masks that do not fit properly (large gaps, too loose, or too tight). Passengers wearing any of the above listed will not be permitted access to MWRTA vehicles or property.
MWRTA strongly requests that any passenger who feels ill or exhibits flu like symptoms please stay home and avoid all travel on MWRTA vehicles. This is to ensure the full safety of yourself, the driver, and other passengers using our services. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

A. Dial-A-Ride: Provides transportation for seniors over the age of 65 and for disabled persons under 65. Destinations include: medical appointments, errands, shopping, and Senior Center programs.

  • Register with the Senior Center first (508-881-0140 x1).
  • Hours for Dial-A-Ride services are: Monday- Friday 6:00am to 6:30pm (last pick up).
  • Reservations: Call 508-820-4650 Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm to set up an account and schedule your ride..
  • Trips MUST be booked 48 business hours in advance.
  • Have Ready the name, account, date you need a ride, destination address, time you need to be at the destination, and time you want to be back home.
  • Cost is $2.00 each way for service within MWRTA (Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Marlborough, Natick, Sherborn, Southborough, Wayland, and Weston)
  • Cost is $3.00 each way for (only) medical rides to MWRTA extended area towns.
  • Cost is $5.00 each way for (only) medical rides to Boston and Worcester.
  • You will be asked to establish a "credit" account of at least $10:00 so cash does not need to be exchanged on the bus. You Can establish this credit balance by credit card or check.
  • Passengers, who cannot safely and independently use the Dial-A-Ride service, will be required to bring an escort on the trip. If an escort is needed to assist the rider during the trip, the escort rides at no cost.

B. Shopping Group Trips: 

 Market Basket:

  • Thursday only from 10:00am to 11:30am.
  • Groups of 3 or more may schedule a ride to Market Basket on Thursdays for a cost of $1.00 each way. If the group does not consist of 3 or more passengers, the cost will be $2.00 each way.

Walmart Trips:

  • Every other Monday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Cost is $2.00

Target in Marlborough Trips:

  • Every 2nd and 4th Monday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Cost is $2.00

Solomon Pond Mall Trips: 

  • Every 2nd Monday of the month from 1:00pm to 2:30pm 
  • Cost is $2.00

C. Fixed Route Buses:

MWRTA operates two fixed route buses through Ashland,

  • Bus "5" bus, runs along Rt.135 from 5:30am to 8:00pm
  • Bus "6" bus, runs along Rt. 126 and neighboring towns from 6:00am - 8:30pm (limited service on Saturdays)
  • Cost is $1.50 each way. (A half-fare program is available for those 65yrs and over or disabled. You must be able to show a photo ID indicating date of birth or a MWRTA senior/disabled photo card.)
  • If you cannot walk to a bus stop, a "flag-down" may be used to catch the bus along their route. Schedules and route maps are available at the Senior Center.
  • For service information call 508-935-2222

3. MART (Mass Health Transportation):

800-841-2900 for information

Transportation is available for recipients of Medicaid. Elders on Medicaid/SSI can receive services to medical appointments if they have no access to other transportation and meet other program qualifications. To find out if you qualify call 800-841-2900 for more information.

4. Taxi:

  • Ashland Taxi                            508-361-1755
  • Tommy's Taxi                           508-872-3500
  • Ruzi Transportation Services   774-707-7290
  • The Ride                                   508-820-4650