Olga Maturana

My name is Olga Maturana. I have been living in Ashland for more than 15 years. From day one my family fell in love with this small town. What a great place to live and raise children! Since we moved here I became a big fan and supporter of Boston Marathon. Every year, rain or shine we would come and watch thousands of people passing along our Metropolitan Street. I felt so proud of them and always wanted to be one of them but thought it would never be possible. I guess I was wrong - it is possible after all. Three years ago I started running. It wasn’t fun at the beginning but slowly, day after day, month after month I fell in love with running and the thought of completing Boston Marathon was trapped in my head. In 2019, my dream came true, I ran my first Boston Marathon! Participating in this marathon was an overwhelming experience and running through the streets of our town and being a part of the community made it all worthy: seeing my biggest supporters - my boys, my friends, Ashlanders, giving all of them high fives and hugs may have caused me shedding a tear or two.. These memories are unforgettable! I am one of the luckiest people because I was given a chance to run Boston Marathon again in 2020!!! It will be my biggest honor to run my favorite race while raising money for my home town of Ashland! Thank you so much in advance for all your support and donations!