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Message to the Community

The situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, with each day providing more information. The town leadership is working hard to bring you the most up to date information regarding the pandemic. There are multiple venues to stay connected, see below for links to these options. This page will stay current with the most up to date information you need to know about how this crisis is affecting Ashland and steps we are taking to do what is best for the community.   

CoronaVirus - COVID-19 Information

Town Communications

COVID-19 TOWN HOTLINE:  508-532-7900 -  You can also send questions to  

EMAIL NEWSLETTER:  Sign up for updates and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so as well.

TWITTER: @ashlandmass and @AshlandTwnMgr 


The CDC Coronavirus site is updated regularly with important information. Please bookmark it and refer to it frequently:


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Vaccinated Individuals within the
Town of Ashland as of October 14, 2021

20211014 Vaccination Data

Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Site

MBTA Commuter Rail
Memorial Drive  Ashland, MA 01721

Monday, Wednesday, Friday               7 am - 11 am 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday              2 pm -  7 pm

Access by car via Memorial Drive in Ashland, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Commuter Rail's inbound train, and  MetroWest Regional Transit Authority bus route number 5. 

Sign up for testing using the Commonwealth's Stop the Spread Webpage,

View the full Press Release here.

Data from the drive through testing site:

















Drive-thru COVID site
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20211014 COVID-19 Ashland Cases
20211014 Confirmed and Probable Cases by Week

Local Cases in Ashland

The following information as of October 14, 2021

Ashland has a total of 1,731 confirmed cases of this, 1,725 have been cleared.

Ashland has  a total of 243 Probable cases of this 241 have cleared

Confirmed Cases= Individuals who have tested positive for the virus. 

Cleared Cases = The number of cases you see are people that have tested positive and are now cleared. This does not include their close contacts (Please note this change in data collection effective 4.23.20).


According to DPH as of, July 27th, 2021, they feel that the DELTA Variant is the most prevalent at this time in Massachusetts at around 55%, and to note it is twice as contagious as the original virus.

Please remind people if anyone is sick in their homes regardless of vaccine status and/or test status they and everyone in their household should remain home.

We also need to encourage testing for anyone who feels they were exposed or has any symptoms at all. 

Please also note if you are vaccinated you are protected at a minimum of 90% so you still have a small chance of getting Covid-19 if exposed to a positive person.

For any concerns or questions contact Sgt. Ed Burman at 508-532-7988 or the Covid-19 hotline at 508-532-7900

If you've been exposed to COVID-19.......


7 days of strict quarantine
Release on Day 8 IF:
• A test (either PCR or Abbott BinaxNOW antigen) taken on Day 5 or later is negative; AND
• The individual has not experienced any symptoms up to that point; AND
• The individual conducts active monitoring through Day 14

Individuals must actively monitor symptoms and take their temperature once daily. IF even mild symptoms develop or the individual has a temperature of 100.0 F, they must immediately self-isolate, contact the public health authority overseeing their quarantine, and get tested.
Approximately 5% residual risk of disease development

10 days of strict quarantine
Release on Day 11 IF:
• The individual has not experienced any symptoms up to that point; AND
• The individual conducts active monitoring through Day 14.
• No test is necessary under this option
Approximately 1% residual risk of disease development

14 days of strict quarantine
Release on Day 15 IF:
• The individual has experienced ANY symptoms during the quarantine period EVEN if they have a negative COVID-19 test; OR
• The individual indicates they are unwilling or unable to conduct active monitoring.
No additional active monitoring required
Maximal risk reduction


Please note that individuals who had COVID-19 in the last 90 days (from the day of symptom onset or day of first positive test if asymptomatic), AND individuals who have received either two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines or a single dose of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, at least 14 days ago but less than 90 days ago, are not required to quarantine the following exposure.  

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How do I know if I am a close contact of someone with COVID-19?

  • You are a close contact of a COVID-19 positive person if you were within 6 feet of them while indoors, for at least 15 minutes, while they were symptomatic or within the 48 hours before symptom onset.
  •   You are also a close contact if you were within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes of someone while indoors, who tested positive for COVID-19 in the 48 hours before their test was taken or anytime in the 10 days after the test.
  • According to CDC guidance, individuals are less likely to be exposed to COVID-19 during outdoor activities, even without the use of masks. 

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Facial Coverings/ Masks

August 6, 2021- Due to the current increase in COVID-19 cases, please wear a mask when entering municipal buildings. 

May 29, 2021- Mask requirements will align with the latest CDC guidelines. If you are fully vaccinated, you are no longer required to wear a mask inside our municipal buildings*, unless you choose to. If you have not been fully vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of those around you.

See the complete order from Governor Baker here, May 17, 2021
*please see our Reopening Ashland Flyer for the exceptions to not wearing a mask in certain areas.


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June 16- Baker- Polito Administration signs pandemic provision extensions into law

Learn More

May 17- Baker- Polito Administration Announce Phase IV ("New Normal")

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Government Meetings

As of June 16th, 2021, Governor Baker signed the "Act relative to extending certain COVID-19 measures adopted during the state of emergency" which extends The Open Meeting law and allows public bodies' ability to continue conducting meetings remotely until April 1, 2022.  Additionally, the Select Board and Town Moderator may continue to vote to prescribe the number of voters necessary to constitute a quorum at any town meeting until December 15, 2021. 

Live remote participation is being limited to public hearings of regulatory boards at this time, and residenDone Editingts are still able to provide comments via email. Meetings will continue to be streamed via Youtube and on WACA TV channels. Links to all meetings can be found on under each meeting posting as well as on each individual agenda.  

Directions on how to use Zoom can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Town of Ashland Municipal Building Guidelines

Click the image to download this flyer

Reopening Ashland- masks required again

Resources from the Economic Development Office

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FAQS for Businesses Facing COVID-19 Daily

If an employee is exposed to a positive case through close contact can we require a test prior to return to work even if asymptomatic?  You can’t mandate it but if the employee was exposed for more within 6ft. and more than 15 minutes of more cumulative time they must quarantine for 14 days regardless of a negative test. 

And how many days post-exposure should they wait before testing? Anyone exposed to someone that tested positive for Covid should wait 5-8 days to be tested. If tested at 5 days and receive a negative test that person should still quarantine for 14 days. If tested on day 8 with a PCR test after the exposure and are asymptomatic with a negative test, the last day of quarantine is day 10 and they can return to work on day 11.  Please note that the exposure date is day 0.

What if I want to run a scenario by someone or have additional questions or concerns?

Communications from our Town Manager 

MH Newsletter

Town Manager's Video Updates during COVID-19

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Ashland COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

February 10, 2021:

Please note two changes to the Ashland COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program. First, mortgage assistance is available only to those properties with an affordable housing deed restriction. Second, if the eviction process has been started, additional assistance may be available. Please contact Jennifer Wuelfing to discuss this option.

COVID-19 Rental/ Mortgage Assistance Program

In response to the loss of income to households due to Covid-19, this program has been created and funded by the CARES Act funds granted to the Town of Ashland and the Affordable Housing Trust utilizing their Community Preservation Act funds. This program seeks to be efficient and responsive. It is temporary in nature. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis starting on July 7, 2020. Applicants are eligible for up to three months rental or mortgage assistance (Assistance can be used to pay current and future rent, or pay rent that is past due since 3/1/2020).

For more information and to access the application, please visit our website.

Please contact Jennifer Wuelfing, Director of Human Services at or 508-532-7942 for a paper application or with any questions.

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