Public Streets

Public Street:  After a roadway is accepted by the Town during a Town Meeting, it is considered Town Property and identified as a Public Street.  Ashland consists of approximately 90 miles of roads.  But only approximately 80 miles of roadway are considered Public Streets and Town Property.  The difference is made up with State Roads (Cordaville Road and Pond Street) and Private Roads.

Street Layout:  Street Layout is the property where the following is located either in the paved roadway or along the side of the paved roadway:    

Paved roadway




Utilities Poles

Fire Hydrants

Underground utilities

Other utilities such as gas, electric, water, sewer, fiber optics, and cable


Trees and shrubs

Driveway aprons

Grass Strips

Street Lights

Catch Basins and Manholes


Irrigation Lines (not recommended)

Accepted Roadways:  Many residents are not aware of the fact that the Town owns the property adjacent to the edge of the paved roadway which is part of the Street Layout.  The amount of property owned by the Town varies from street to street.  The shoulder is necessary for the installation of everything mentioned above and snow storage.

Driveway Apron:  Road Opening permits are required for doing construction work including the installation or maintenance of a driveway apron.  Contact the DPW for more information go to to download the Road Opening Permit Application. 

Mailboxes:  In most cases, mailboxes are located on Town Property.  This placement of a mailbox is determined by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Mailboxes are very close to the road which makes it difficult to plow the roads without damaging mailboxes.  For more information please click  Guide to USPS Mailbox Regulations.

Irrigation Lines:  Irrigation lines should not be installed in Town Property which is located along the roadway surface.  In the past, plows have damaged lawns and irrigation lines.  In most cases, the damaged lawn and irrigation lines are in or on Town Property.