Submittal Requirements during COVID 19 Emergency

The Conservation Commission established requirements for submitting applications during the State of Emergency.   The Commission established these requirements at their meeting on April 13, 2020.  The deadlines have remained the same, but the process is different. A summary of this information can be found below, and a link with new checklist, and abutter notification templates can be found at the bottom of this page as a link.  

 Here is what has changed:

     -     One copy of the application, and the fee shall be mailed to Town Hall, and a pdf shall be emailed to  (The Agent will post the application with the Town Clerk). 
     -     For abutter notifications, only mail receipts are accepted.  The mail receipts shall be mailed before the hearing date, or shall be dropped off at the grey box next to Town Hall. 
     -     For sending a copy to DEP, the Agent will forward your pdf to DEP and will copy you.   A hard copy should still be mailed unless if you are using eDEP. 
More information on submitting an application during these time can be found here.