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Tuesday    7/13     2pm - 3pm

EAP webinar: Reset and Renew (zoom fatigue et al)

Mindfulness is the simple act of being aware. This is not always easy: We live in a culture that does not reward slowing down, watching a sunrise, taking a lunch break, or resting. Rather, our culture rewards bigger, better, faster, and more. When we chronically live in the fast lane, we can lose an essential intimate connection with ourselves, colleagues and family members. This loss often results in depression, fatigue, disillusionment and restlessness. This seminar will introduce you to reset/renew strategies.


Thursday  7/29 10:00am - 11:00am

EAP: Management Training for the Newer Manager

This program will address the basic elements of management for the new manager. Topics to be addressed include transitioning to the managerial role, communication skills for managers, and supervising troubled employees. Each component of the program will provide managers with specific skills, theoretical background on managerial styles and strategies, and exercises to practice skills.

Friday  7/30
8:30am - 12:30pm

Mental Health First Aid

From National Council for Wellbeing

Human Resources and Ashland's Decisions at Every Turn Coalition have collaborated to offer Certified Mental Health First Aid (Adult) training to select municipal employees. Participants who attend the training will be certified in Mental Health First Aid. Supporting the mental health of those who live and work in our community is critical. The MHFA training will provide participants the skills to recognize & support those who may need mental health support. 

What you will learn: 

  • Common signs & symptoms of mental illness
  • Common signs & symptoms of substance use
  • How to interact with a person in crisis
  • How to connect the person with help
  • New content on trauma, addiction and self-care
  • Assessing risk for suicide or self-harm

For the full training description:

Time required: 6 hours; 2 hours of online pre-work (information to follow)

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  • Training in various software

  • Training in Microsoft Excel; you need to set up a FREE account to access this training which will allow you to save your progress and obtain a certificate of completion

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  • MIIA free onsite and online training programs help members keep up with municipal best practices in Leadership/Management, Safety/Technical, and Driver Training EVOC.

  • MIIA Well Aware offers wellness activities focus on controllable areas of life: diet, movement, emotional well-being, sleep, smoking, social relationships, self-care and using the health care system wisely.