Smoke Testing 

Be advised that Flow Assessment Services has completed all smoke testing in Ashland, MA

Flow Assessment Services, LLC

72 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH 03032

Telephone # (603) 656-9799    Fax # (603) 656-0330


Door to Door - Flyer Distribution Start Date:  Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Contractor:  Flow Assessment Services

Supervisor:  Mathew Silva

Flow Assessment Phone Number:  1-888-311-9799

Ashland DPW (Water/Sewer):  508-881-0120

Ashland Police:  508-881-1212

Ashland Fire:  508-881-2323

PHASE 1:  Maps M1-1, M1-3, and M4-2

PHASE 2:   Maps 

Priority:  (Schools) Target Sewer System near School prior to the opening of the Schools.  The Schools that Flow Assessment Services cannot get to before school officially opens, the Smoke test will be performed in the afternoon after the students are released at the end of the day.  

Phase 1:  The Smoke Testing will start in basin 1-1, see attached map, then move to 1-3 and 4-2.  


MAPSub-AreaSchoolsPhaseGeneral Target AreaNotificationsSmoke Test

NameAddress1Various Streets in BasinDoor to Door (Start Date)(start date)
Map 1-1 EastEastPittaway School75 Central Street1AHomer, Main, Lower ChestnutCompleteComplete
Map 1-1 WestWestPittaway School75 Central Street1BSummer, Union, MetropolitanCompleteComplete

Map 1-3 MidMidCommunity Center162 West Union Street1CWest UnionCompleteComplete
Map 1-3 NENortheastMiddle School87 West Union Street1DWest UnionComplete
Map 1-3 NWNorthwest

1ESudbury, Pine Hill, Cedar Hill Rd. CompleteComplete
Map 1-3 SouthSouth

1FOlive St., Woodland Rd. CompleteComplete

Map 4-2 NENortheastMindess Middle School90 Concord Street1GMyrtle, Fiske, Pine HillCompleteComplete
Map 4-2 NWNorthwestMindess Middle School90 Concord Street1HSudbury, Birch Hill, BarryCompleteComplete
Map 4-2 SouthSouthMindess Middle School90 Concord Street1IConcord, Front, MainCompleteComplete

Map 1-5 Mid

Chestnut, Prospect, StagecoachCompleteComplete
Map 1-5 North

American Blvd., ProspectCompleteComplete
Map 1-5 South
SouithWarren SchoolFruit Street
Larcridge, FruitCompleteComplete

Map 1-4 North

Wilbur, LorraineCompleteComplete
Map 1-4 SE
SoutheastMiddle School87 West Union
Pennock, MBTA (Memorial Drive)CompleteComplete

Map 2-3 North

Mountaingate, Leland Farm, Eliot
9/21 -
Map 2-3 SE

Spyglass  Hill, Eliot
9/21 -
Map 2-3 SW

Cedar, Eliot
9/21 -

Map 3-2 North

Cedar, Femia, GroverCompleteComplete
Map 3-2 South

Grover, Femia, CedarCompleteComplete

Map 4-1 North

Cordaville, Thomas, Heritage

9/28 -
Map 4-1 SE

Fox Hill, Cordaville

9/28 -
Map 4-1 SW

Oak, Johnson, Endicott

9/28 -

Map 4-5 North

Cordaville, Rockwood
9/28 -
Map 4-5 SE

Pleasant, Cordaville
9/28 -

Frequently Asked Questions:  FAQ

Previously Posted:

The Town of Ashland, MA in conjunction with Haley and Ward Engineers has contracted Flow Assessment Services to conduct Sewer System Smoke Testing for the purpose of locating sources of storm water inflow to the sanitary sewer system.  The study will locate direct and indirect connections such as catch basins, area drains, roof drains, broken sewer pipe and deteriorated pipe joints.  During this test, harmless white smoke is introduced through the sanitary sewer system via a smoke-generating machine.  During this procedure, white smoke will be venting from holes in manhole covers located on the street and plumbing vent pipes located on or near your roof surface.

Start Date:  Thursday 9/10/20

The Contractor (Flow Assessment Services) will go door to door handing out flyers.  

Question:  What will the smoke test crews be wearing?

Answer:  All field crews will be in uniform with Flow Assessment markings with a current Flow Assessment ID


Question:  What type of vehicle will the smoke test crews by operating?

Answer:  Red Chevrolet box style vans with Flow Assessment markings.

Where:  Currently, we are working on finalizing the schedule.  As soon as we have that information, it will be posted.  

This website will be updated weekly with the upcoming weekly schedule.




Smoke should not enter your premises unless there is a dry trap in your basement floor drain or any unused plumbing fixtures.   You may wish to pour some water down your basement drain or unused plumbing fixture to ensure that the drain trap will be effective.  Smoke could also enter the building through defective plumbing.  The owner should note this because it may indicate the susceptibility of gases from the sewer system entering your building through the defective plumbing.


Should smoke be detected within the building, DO NOT BE ALARMED.  The smoke is NON-TOXIC AND NON-STAINING.  Simply ventilate the home and report the presence of smoke to the people conducting the test outside in the vicinity of your building.  If possible, they will assist you in locating the source that allowed the smoke to enter the building.



  • You are not required to be home when the testing is being performed on your street.
  • The testing will be performed 24 to 72 hours after notification is received.
  • Weather, holidays and weekends may shift test periods beyond the 24 to 72 hour time frame.
  • Please call Flow Assessment Services @ 1-888-311-9799 should you have any questions or concerns
  • Frequently asked questions - please click FAQs.
  • Smoke Testing Map (coming soon)