Downtown Revitalization Project

The Town of Ashland is very close to giving the Notice to Proceed to the Awarded Contractor for the Downtown Revitalization Project.  

Road Opening Permit: The Road Opening Permit is currently being processed.  

Project Limits:              Main Street – Myrtle Street (Mill Pond Dam) to Summer Street (slightly beyond)

                                      Front Street – Main Street to Ashland Lumber (approximately)

Final Paving:                See streets listed above, Summer Street included in the final paving which will     occur in 2021

Contractor:                    P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc.

Engineer:                       BSC Group

Start Date:                     January 2021 

Hours of Operation:      7:30 AM to 3:30 PM (approximately)

Scope of Work:            Upgrade Traffic Signals, Sidewalks, and Crosswalks, Mill and Resurface     Pavement, Furnish and Install Trees, Furnish and Install Ornamental Street   Lights, Underground the Utilities (Electric, Cable, Fiber, and others), and remove the utility poles.  

Step 1:                         Test Pits and relocate water services 

Step 2:                         Install Electrical Vaults (Eversource)

Step 3:                         Install Manholes for other Utilities

Step 4:                         Install Conduit

Step 5:                         TBA

Traffic:                        The goal is to somehow keep two lanes of traffic open at all times.   One lane of traffic will be available from time to time.  

Parking:                       The Contractor, the Engineer and Town staff are well aware of how important it is to minimize blocking parking spots located in front of businesses.