The mission for the Town of Ashland Economic Development office is to effectively engage residents with accurate, transparent, and insightful dialogue, bridging the communications between the administration’s objectives or positions, with understanding the needs of local residents. 

Vision is to increase engagements through capitalizing on social media platforms, utilizing the local cable station, and sustaining interpersonal relationships.

Core Values include transparency, accuracy, respect, professionalism, sincerity

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The Town of Ashland Guidelines and Best Practices 
for the Use of Social Media

The Town of Ashland created social media accounts for various departments to effectively engage residents with accurate, transparent, and insightful dialogue bridging communication between administration and residents. 

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Town of Ashland Department Accounts

*Reminder these accounts are public. You do not need an account with any of these social media platforms to view the content on any of these pages.*

Town Hall@TownofAshlandMA@TownofAshlandMA@ashlandmass
Ashland Biz Buzz@ashlandbizbuzz@ashlandbizbuzz

Corner Spot@cornerspotashland@cornerspotashland@cornerspot01721
Ashland DPW@dpwashland

Ashland Public Library@ashlandpubliclibraryma@ashlandpubliclibraryma@ashlandlibmaAshland Public Library MA
Ashland Recreation@ashlandrec@ashlandrecreation

Ashland Senior Center@ashlandseniorcenter

Ashland Senior Center
Ashland Human Services@ashlandyouthandfamilyservices

Ashland is Dementia Friendly@ashlandisdementiafriendly

Other Accounts privately managed include Ashland Fire Department and Ashland Police Department.