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Traffic Island Sign Request Submission Form

  1. Contact Information
    Susan Robie
    Executive Assistant
  2. Organizer*
        I hereby agree to place a sign on the island(s) approved by the BOS for the term of 2 weeks before the posted event and pickup not more than 1 business day after the event. I understand that if the sign is not maintained and or picked up in a timely manner, than it may be removed and disposed of by town personnel. By selecting 'Yes' you are agreeing to these terms.
      1. Sign Specifications
      2. Size
        Maximum 4’ high with 2’x2’ footprint. Sign towers will be in place and approved advertisers will be able to insert their sign in existing tower. Signs shall be double sided and inserted in pre-existing slot, measuring no more than 3’h x 2’w.
      3. Locations
        Front/Main Street: 4 sign max
        Union/Cherry Street: 2 sign max
        Pond/Eliot Street: 2 sign max
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