Courtney Loughlin

My name is Courtney Loughlin, and I’m a social worker for Ashland’s Department of Human Services. In recent years, the number of Ashland residents serviced by the Department of Human Services, as well as the needs of residents has increased exponentially. On a daily basis, our department assists Ashland residents with accessing resources and support including: jobs, medical treatment, health insurance, mental health counseling, rental/mortgage assistance, childcare, housing, emergency housing/shelter, legal services, financial resources/services, and more.

I’m running the 2023 Boston Marathon for the town of Ashland to raise funds for the Ashland Selectboard’s Boston Athletic Association grant. The grant has provided funds to nonprofits in Ashland, Ashland Preschool, the Ashland Emergency Fund, and the Ashland Clockers Club, among others. The grant supports Ashland and enhances resident’s quality of life, particularly through financial support. For instance, the Ashland Emergency Fund, a private charity funded entirely through donations, provides emergency financial assistance to Ashland residents by assisting with medical bills, mortgages, rent, utility bills, etc. Ashland’s Boston Athletic Association grant is crucial and is a testament to the community of Ashland. The town and its residents recognize the need to support each other and strive towards equity.

Being a community social worker in Ashland and running the Boston Marathon means a lot to me. I hope that my fundraising, training, and race reflect my deep appreciation for social work, Ashland, and this incredible opportunity.

I kindly ask that, if possible, you consider supporting me and Ashland. Thank you for your consideration, and see you Marathon Monday!!

With sincere gratitude,