Curbside Composting

Curb your Carbon Footprint! 

The Towns of Ashland and Holliston are partnering with Black Earth Compost to offer subscriptions for household curbside food waste weekly collection services. Composting is a great environmentally friendly way to get rid of your food scraps. Food waste is the largest source of landfill material in Massachusetts and 25% of the trash that municipalities pay for in waste combustion fees is just for food waste. 

This innovative partnership allows residents to receive lower service rates as more households sign up. As of October 2022, the price for 6 months of service dropped from $89.99 to $69.99

Curbside composting can possibly save you money. Right now for 6 months of service you can pay $11.66 a month for Black Earth Compost, this should reduce your trash intake and need for trash bags. If you use more than two large bags or three small trash bags a week, using Black Earth Compost will save you money. 

For more information, contact Black Earth Compost or 

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