Stephen Raso


My name is Stephen Raso and I have lived in Ashland with my family for over 24 years. I have always been very active playing a variety of sports in high school and college. My interest in running stems from volunteering my time as a physical therapist in the medical tent at the Boston marathon and Flutie 5k. I help many runners achieve their goals in a clinical setting and out on the course. I find myself intrigued by runners' dedication to their sport, running community and how in tune they are with their bodies.

I decided to run my first 5k several years ago and have slowly built up to three Ashland half marathons. I figured that the natural progression would be to tackle the Boston marathon. I contacted Ashland in hopes that I could somehow obtain a number to run, while at the same time give back to the town that has provided my family and I with a great community.