Lisa Masiello-Gigliotti

Hello! I’m Lisa Masiello Gigliotti and I am extremely grateful to represent the town of Ashland as runner in the 2022 Boston Marathon .

I’ve lived in Ashland with my husband Ron, and our two children, Nina and Peter for the past 18 years. We’ve truly enjoyed raising our family in Ashland, and genuinely appreciate all of the memorable experiences the community has given our family during this time.

Growing up in Framingham, Patriots Day, or “Marathon Monday”, was always a major event. Some of my earliest memories include standing on Waverly Street, holding a sliced orange in the cup of my outstretched hand, patiently waiting for a runner to grab hold of my orange slice. It was so exhilarating for me, and I can honestly remember thinking to my then very young self “I want to run the Boston Marathon someday”….

Working as an ER nurse throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult. I've always been a recreational runner, but I found myself using my runs as a way to deal with the tremendous emotional stress brought on by my job.

Last October, my childhood dream came true and I completed my very first Boston Marathon. I am honored to again represent Ashland in the 2022 Boston Marathon. I will be running to raise funds for the town’s BAA Grant Program. This important program has provided scholarship money to many high school seniors and has assisted various programs such as the Ashland Day Committee, The Food Pantry,, The Clocker Club High School Boosters, and many more non profit programs throughout the town. I have a current goal to raise $3000. With the generous donations from my family, friends and community, I hope to surpass this goal so I can give back to the town that has given my family so much.

Please take a moment to make a donation and support my run in the 2022 Boston Marathon.

Thank you for your support!

   With Gratitude,


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