Brendan Abel

My name is Brendan Abel, and I'm excited to be a first-time runner of the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Town of Ashland. Thank you for your support!

My wife and I moved to Ashland two years ago with a young family and have been so impressed by the wonderful sense of community. With a kindergartener and third grader, we have quickly come to appreciate all that makes Ashland great- from its schools to sports to community events. This culminated for us in December as we spent an afternoon filling our car with food pantry donations from countless residents that are part of the Simple Gesture program set up by Ashland high schoolers to regularly collect food donations! It was a day filled with pride for Ashland and gratitude for our fellow community members.

I am excited to raise $3,000 for Ashland's BAA Grant fund, which provides funding for town programming and local non-profits to support all residents and to continue to build a strong sense of community.  

If you would like to donate, please choose an option from below
1. Venmo : @Brendan-Abel
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Select "Donations" on the left column, and please enter my name to be sure that the donation is recorded appropriately.  Choosing this option will allow for a tax deduction. 
2024 Boston Marathoner Brendan Abel