Huong Wolf



My name is Huong Nguyen Wolf. I am grateful for representing Ashland town as a runner for 128th Boston Marathon in 2024.


My husband,  Raphael Wolf and I have two children, Aaron is a sophomore at Ashland High School, and Lainie 7th grader at AMS.  Both of our children were born in Vietnam.  We moved from Vietnam to Ashland in summer of 2012. My very first Boston Marathon participation was as a spectator cheering for the runners. It was a memorable event due to the Bombing incident in 2013. Since then, our family utilized the parking lot of La Cantina restaurant to cheer for runners, and have never missed one, rain or shine.  Along those years, we have hosted many Boston Marathon runners from Vietnam, my native country.  Cheering and chauffeuring the runners to Hopkinton for many years sparked a strong interest in running for me.  My neighbor Tai Temple introduced me to my current trainer Breno who began training me for marathon in Fall of 2019.  However, my first full marathon was cancelled due to Covid.  I had to run virtually, and I did it well.  I am always curious what it feels like to run a full marathon in a real race.  I have raced many half marathons in the past few years, but this Boston Marathon will be my first real race.  My heart is exploding with excitement.

My company has generously sponsored $3000 for my fund raising for Ashland BAA.   Thank you.

 I am looking forward to many “hi fives” along on the course next Spring 2024.


Thank you.



2024 Boston Marathon HWolf