Jane Reardon

Hi! I’m Jane Reardon and I am so excited to be running the 128th Boston Marathon for the town of Ashland this April. 

My parents raised me and my six siblings here in Ashland, with all of us attending Ashland Public Schools and participating in town sports. “Marathon Monday” was always an exciting day growing up. We claimed our spot on route 135 in Framingham, across from Monnick Supply on Waverly Street at about the 6-mile mark. My sibling and I would give out orange slices and high-fives of encouragement to runners as they passed through, just beginning their long trek to Boston. I can remember being younger and thinking to myself, they still have so far to go! 

I’ve been running since high school and have completed several half-marathons, including the Ashland Half which began at the cite where the Boston Marathon originally started in 1897. I’ve also completed the Newport Marathon, however, Boston is special and has been a long time coming. I was slotted to run the Boston Marathon in 2020 but COVID hit and the world came to a halt. I competed it “virtually” but without the experience of running through each of the eight cities and towns, seeing streets lined with residents cheering on, it just wasn’t the same. 

My goal is to raise $3000, with funds going towards the town’s BAA Grant Program, providing scholarships to AHS students while assisting various non-profit programs within the town. I am so grateful to finally make my dream of running Boston a reality while supporting my hometown. 

Thank you for your support and see you in April!


2024 Boston Marathon JReardon